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dbootstrap problem

Pentium II PC 350MHz
All hardware already runs Caldera Linux 2.4 OK.

Hi - Please can you help ???

I am trying to replace Caldera Open Linux 2.4 with Debian 2.2r2 (from
official CDs). I want to use the exisiting partitions. Dbootstrap
doesn't let me get past

"Configure Device Driver Modules"

When I go in to this section it asks me if I want to skip it, and
whatever I say it returns me to the previous screen (an infinite

I gather that dbootstrap remembers information it has gathered
previously and presumably it does this in a file on my existing Linux
partition. I suspect the cure may be to make it start afresh but I
don't know how to do this (doesn't say in install.en.txt as far as I
can see).

Thanks for your time.

Keep up the good work.

	Richard Giles

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