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Re: Arm bf problems - termwrap and null strings

On Mon 08 Jan, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> writes:

> > I've got some Arm boot-floppies (from CVS about 10 days ago ~ 2.2.19)
> > which nearly work. I've fixed a couple of problems and I'll post diffs
> > here when I get a set that work.

> Sure.  Do you have (and, if not, want) direct CVS access?

No I don't have it, and yes it would be useful. I'm not fully Debian-approved
yet, but I'm partway through the nm process.

> > Current problems are:

> > 2) dbootstrap falls over trying to set the hostname. If you kill it (so
> > it restarts) then it continues but /etc/hostname ends up being "(null)"
> > 9which caues more problems later), so I suspect a similar problem to the
> > one below but haven't gone into the detail yet - that's next to
> > investigate, straight after this mail. I just wonder if this is a prob
> > others found which is now fixed in CVS?

> Not that I know of.  I suggest we keep looking into this.

This turned out to be a missing BoxResume() somewhere in
utilities/dbootstrap/ I wonder why this didn't show up for other people -
maybe I picked a bad moment to take a CVS snapshot.

> Sounds good, looking forward to your patch.  Hope it comes soon.

Ah, well, therein lies a tale. Unfortunately I had a minor disaster with
incorrectly mapped function keys on a terminal so I managed to bin my working
copy. It's not hard to regenerate - just tedious and I haven't got round to
it with Xmas and hols and things.

Hence the delay... If I was working with CVS directly that would probably be
more reliable. I've got some stuff coming up that needs urgent attention bt
should be able to get back on this in a couple of weeks (after NY Linux

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