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Re: Thoughts on the installer (early)

> I had similar thoughts when i read about the gtk framebuffer thing,
> although we do now have a framebuffer frontend (bogl) for cdebconf.
> The install will be able to handle a variety of different UI's, text
> for worst case senarios and for brail terminals, or curses/slang for
> installing from terminals, fb based graphics for console, maybe even
> an X based one. Each frontend for cdebconf is a seperate library so it
> might(?) be possible to change UI half way through the install.
> Im sure when the new installer is done it will be something to be
> proud of, still much to do though.

This is funny, I guess we're all thinking the same thing since those
screenshots for gtk-fb were released.  I've been playing around with
the frame buffer and gtkfb today- running that animation demo from the
console really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  I think it would
make a *very* good project for the debian installer.  If the new
installer supports many UIs, there isn't any reason why we can't
implement a gtk-based one, at least when the gtk code stabilizes a
bit.  Right?

Perhaps moving the fb-based frontend bogl you speak of to gtk-fb 
is the answer we're looking for?  That'll give us access to all the
features of gtk, which IMHO would be a boon for the UI.
Chris Ruffin <cmruffin@debian.org>

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