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the locale other than language name on boot floppy

Hi there,

  Can we use 'zh_CN', 'zh_TW' instead of 'zh' to label a

  This is kinda long, please bear with me. :-)
  We are in the process of translating the boot floppy into
Chinese. There are a special thing for Chinese language.

  We currently have 2 widely used charset/encoding for
Chinese(Big5/GB2312). The Big5 corresponds to traditional 
Chinese characters used in taiwan and hongkong. The GB2312
corresponds to simplified Chinese used in mainland china,
singapore... The simplified Chinese is made out of the 
traditional Chinese by reducing some strokes in a glyph or
combining several similar glyphs into one. People use 
different charsets often has quite difference Culture and 
expression. And of course the glyphs sometime look different.
So even for Chinese, a user can only guess the meaning 
of some sentences, words written by people using the 
different charset. Since both Big5/GB2312 (ie. traditional and
simplified Chinese) have mappings in the unicode, he can 
read all right but just have to guess in order to make the 
meaning out of the sentences.

  Since one of the purpose of localization is to make user
experience pleasant, we would like to provide users using
different charset with different sets of translation. The problem is
that the boot floppy currently only look for the 2 character language
code (which is 'zh' for Chinese). We want to use zh_CN and
zh_TW for simplified and tradtional Chinese respectly. And our pot
file will looks like zh_TW.po and zh_CN.po, as the same as
most other Chinese localized applications.

  Are there anything need to be changed in the boot floppy source
codes to allow this kind of thing? Or we can just use zh_CN/zh_TW
instead of zh and the thing just works?

Thank for your advice.

Best regard

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