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debconf client support in cdebconf

Since there are a few copies of debconf.[ch] appearing in
debian-installer cvs, i've added debconf-client support code to
libdebconf (cdebconf) so we don't duplicate it too much.

the API is pretty simple:

#include <debconfclient.h>

struct debconfclient *client = debconfclient_new();
client->command(client, "INPUT", "low", "foo/bar", NULL);
myvar = client->value;
(or myvar = client->ret(client); )
/* ... */

to compile the library, go to tools/cdebconf, and do ./configure; make

add -I(path to tools/cdebconf/src) to your makefile for now, and
-L(path) -ldebconf to link.

By default libdebconf is built with a rpath set to the path where
cdebconf is, so you don't need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If you don't want
that you can set --without-rpath when you build cdebconf

I'll make a -dev package for cdebconf at some point, but it's moving too
fast now and the API may change from time to time.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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