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Re: 2.2.18 + LANG_CHOOSER has bad bugs

Michael Sobolev wrote:
> > Some accentuation codes of Portuguese language aren't working (the
> > original
> > accentuation character is replaced by one space). For now, these are
> > the problematic letters (in & Html compatible macros for global
> > compatibility
> > and both in upper and lower case):
> Hmmm...  That should not be. :)  Well, on a serious note, I checked the
> Portuguese texts that are in boot floppies, and they look very Portuguese. :)
> (Unfortunately, I don't speak Portuguese, so I do not see if it's ok, or not)

It's a strange problem, really. I've changed the font in portuguese.src
default "LatArCyrHeb-16", without good news after that :(

> > Aacute
> > aacute
> > agrave
> > Agrave
> > iacute
> > Iacute
> > igrave
> > Igrave
> > oacute
> > Oacute
> > ograve
> > Ograve
> But, as I speak French a bit, I do see the French texts ok...  And they make
> heavy use of agrave, for example...

I need to check again for that

> > Some others characters are translated to it normal (without
> > accentuation):
> This should never happen.

They are really translated, for example, in sentence "Sistema de
Debian GNU/Linux", it's translated to "Sistema de instalaçao Debian
and other messages happen that too.
> Could you please send me (only me!) the file all.utf (utilities/all.utf) that
> you got on your computer?  I'm going to compare it with the one I got one mine
> and see what's happening...

Already send it off-list :)

Gleyson Mazioli da Silva

* O que sou é ser os muitos de mim em lugar algum

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