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Re: 2.2.18 + LANG_CHOOSER has bad bugs

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Here's my preliminary findings with LANG_CHOOSER and 2.2.18.
> bad bugs:
>  - cannot find default keymap
> cosmetic bugs:
>  - english should be first language on top
>  - highlight in cfdisk doens't show up (bterm issue)?
>  - choose the language screen is ugly -- needs intro text at the top,
>    should look like other screens more e.g. pick install method, IMHO

I've made the same test yesterday and the language selection screen is
It would be nice if the language code be added to front of langugge

   "en - You have selected the english language"
   "pt - Você selecionou o idioma Português"

The accentuation codes for Portuguese language with utf language chooser 
isn't working too. 

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