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Re: One or two floppies (was: first weekly debian-installer status report)

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 10:02:50AM -0500, Vaidhyanathan Mayilrangam wrote:
> Just some prior info: 
> The base kernel takes 385K and all the net drivers take 575K. It essentialy 
> means it is a two floppy install (unless there is someway a user could choose
> only the drivers he/she needs). It is a catch-22 here.. We need to know the 
> NIC card to choose the driver, but we need the module before that..

> 4. Can we fit in a code to detect NIC and activate it in about 400K.. If so,
> we can have one floppy with kernel and the net drivers and 400K code which will
> activate the NIC and start downloading everything ??


Similarly, we can probably manage a disk with enough drivers to access
a CD and run a retriever.


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