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Re: first weekly debian-installer status report

> 	- kernel module udebs [UNCLAIMED]
> 		Not started. We will need various sets of kernel modules;
> 		one such set is NIC drivers. Each set goes in a udeb; there
> 		probably has to be a system to build the whole kernel and
> 		udebs.
I already did some stuff on this and got the different modules built. So if I
can get the mechanism to build udebs, I can upload them and 
YEAH.. I claim this :)

> 	- library reduction [UNCLAIMED]
> 		Not started. There is code in the boot-floppies that may
> 		be usable, but this is one of the hardest parts.
> 	- install media build system [UNCLAIMED]
> 		Not started. Puts all the peices together and makes
> 		install media.
I can help with both of the above..


PS: I am getting 4 P-133 for building a cluster.. If needed, I can set aside 
one of the machines to test the new installer on.. Let me know..

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