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Re: first weekly debian-installer status report

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 08:11:52PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> 	- library reduction [UNCLAIMED]
> 		Not started. There is code in the boot-floppies that may
> 		be usable, but this is one of the hardest parts.

I wrote this code (mklibs.sh), so I am probably qualified, although I have
the same problems to fix bugs in it as everyone else[1]. It's rather involved.
I don't really have the time to claim this alone, but I would handle bug reports.

Rewriting the code is not a good idea, unless you really know what you are
doing. There are a lot of issues, and one is that there are circular library
dependencies in the Hurd base libraries (libc -> libmachuser -> libc and the
same for libhurduser) that you'd probably miss if you develop this script
on a Linux machine.

The current state is that I have two open bug reports I will address soon.
I got reports that the script worked well the last three glibc versions.
One open bug is related to C++ using libs and analyzed, one bug is related
to the new glibc and will hopefully be fixed soon.


[1] This is a consequence of the complexity of glibc as a library, not of
the script itself, although some people don't like sh :)

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