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Re: raid support in install cds

Robert Varga <robi@piros.zold.net> writes:

> - is there an easy way to create an installer cd with a kernel
> containing the 0.90 raid patches and the necessary files from raidtools2
> included?

Not easy, no.  It should be possible ifyou get the boot-floppies
package and muck with the source.

> - is there a way to replace the kernel which is going to be installed by
> the installer (to one containing raid0.90 patches and raid1 compiled into 
> the kernel)?

Sure, see the install manual for a sketchy discussion of this.  Better
yet, replace the kernel-image and pcmcia modules packages in 'local'
or 'Incoming' areas.

> - is there a way to manually carry out everything the installer does when
> I mount a filesystem in the menu?


> If this is possible then could you please tell me how to do it, or give
> me an url at which I can find information regarding how to do it?

Use the source.  No easy way, unfortunately, yet.  Someone here may
have patches; I don't.

> All it is needed to install debian directly onto root-raid with manual
> help is this, since creating the raid arrays can be carried out manually,
> and fstab and lilo.conf can be modified manually as well.

Then why not just install normally to a non-raid root, and then
install the raid tools from that base system and go from there?

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