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Clicking a dialog box (Re: Which task package installs gpm?)

In 21 Sep 2000 00:44:40 -0700 karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) cum veritate scripsit :

>  The `auto-apt' might be like an `autoload' then, huh?  If I click one
>  that's not installed yet, it pops up a dialog that offers to install
>  it for me, installs it (must be root or know the su password?), then
>  launches it.

One thing I find fundamentally difficult about this and other things is that there 
does not seem to be a way of telling whether it is a console session or a X session,
and we (Debian) seem to have defaulted for the console. 

I would love to hack "readline" to show a dialog box when in X mode, so that 
"sudo", "gnupg" etc. can ask for password in a dialog box (I don't know how I would do it).
I don't know what I should be doing for "Yes/No" questions. Each application program
probably needs to be addressed. 

auto-apt exists, and I would really love to have it ask me with a dialog box
"... is not installed yet, install? Yes/No"


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