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Re: Problems with installing debian 2.2

> >   get the system up, I didn't install much programs. This was the 
> >   first time I got the system up at all. However, there was not 
> >   much installed, so I was not able to do about anything ( I don't 
> >   know much about linux ). Because there were no X Window system
> >   so I decided to install it again. 
> Oh, that was silly.  You can pull in more packages quite easily.
   Well, if I install it many times, I'll get more in touch with it. :)

> >   11th time was just like 10th, expect that this time I chose 
> >   simple method of installing packages. I installed all GNOME stuff,
> >   all language developement, SQL developement, X window system and games.
> >   I installed about 2/3 - 3/4 of those packages available. This time
> >   it went OK, but when it started to unpack & install the packages
> >   ( pretty long session ) it unpacked & installed normally until it 
> >   got to wwwaffle ( or something like that ) package, and then the 
> >   system was locked, and there was no way to continue. 
> This is clearly hardware/kernel issues.  Not much us boot-floppies
> folks can do about that.  It's either flakey hardware (loose RAM
> chip?) or else should be filed as a bug against kernel-image-2.2.17 I
> guess.

> >   read all the files correctly, but because I get the RH installed 
> >   easily, I'm not sure about that. However, as a newbie, I can't tell
> >   if this is a bug or not.
> Well, this tells me that your problem stems from the new 2.2 linux
> kernels -- old RH 5.1 would use 2.0 kernels I think.

   I checked it, and I think RH 5.1 is 2.0.34...My machine is P200
MMX, 88 MB ram, 0,5 & 2 GB hard disk, SB AWE 64, 56600 bps modem,
24*IDE/ATAPI CDROM, STB Velocity 128 4 MB PCI, a keyboard, a monitor
and a mouse. The motherboard, 24 MB ram, 0,5 GB hard disk and a 
monitor are from 1995, the rest from 1997. I do suspect that flakey
hardware thing. 

> >   If you still think I should file a wishlist for this, I can try
> >   if you tell me what that actually means. I probably can tell 
> >   pretty accurately, what happened in my machine, and try to repeat
> >   that error, etc. but not much else.
> I dunno.  The thing to do would be to try to track down what hardware
> device driver is acting bad and tell the kernel folks about it, if you
> can.
   I'll try to do that, if I'm still having more similar problems. 

> When I have problems such as you describe, I start stripping out all
> the extra hardware -- uneedded internal modems and sound cards in
> particular.
> Also check your bios settings -- be sure shadow RAM is off.


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