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Re: Problems with installing debian 2.2

Veli-Matti Rautiainen <velraut@st.jyu.fi> writes:

> I just bought a Debian GNU/Linux version 2.2, 6 cds, from DataClub Inc.
> ( http://www.dataclub.fi ). It contains 3 cd binaries and 3 cd sources.
> When I start installing debian and boot from cd #1, there's first a 
> lot of messages about different drivers and programs ( as booting 
> linux in general ). Right before the installation program starts, 
> there are multiple messages about modprobe failing. Then the installation
> program starts, and I do everything as it suggests. Everything goes
> fine. When debian tries to put lilo in master boot record, it says 
> that it can't be done, so I have always made a boot disk ( I have 
> tried to install it 4 times by now ).

Sometimes it pays to ignore the dbootstrap warnings and setup lilo
yourself in tty2 or booting in "rescue" mode or whatever.

> So, it's ok now, and the installation program tells me to reboot. I
> reboot, and my machine boots from floppy disk. It seems that debian
> has got at least most of the drivers, etc. correct. Then at some
> point the computer gives an infinite amount ( keeps putting these
> messages to screen message after message ) of error messages like
> this:
>    "kmod:failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k binfmt -0000, errno=8"
> Now the machine is in some kind of a loop, and there's no way to conti-
> nue booting the machine. 

Did you ask it to install this module?  What does /etc/modules read?
You should be able to examine your current system by booting from the
rescue disk, the installer will start, but just ignore it and mount
your new boot partition in tty2 and mess around over there.

> So, this obviously has something to do with the program modprobe,
> but it seems odd to me that I can't install the package I just 
> bought. One possible reason is that there's something wrong with
> my CDROM, so it doesn't read the files properly, and another is 
> that I haven't figured out something during the installation. 
> Can anyone tell me more about the problem ?

I don't know -- I haven't heard of this problem before.  I wonder if
you're installing too many modules in your "configure modules" step
and it's causing some problem...

Which set of disks are you using?  You might try with the idepci set...

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