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Re: Debian 2.2 installproblems

"Martti Hamunen" <marttih@kauhajoki.fi> writes:

> I have just installed Debian 2.2.
> I cannot use chmod/chown so I could use network (pppconfig,
> pon, poff...) as user. Help please!

Look at the 'sudo' and 'super' packages -- they allow users to run
certain command as root.

> And another questions:
> Why gnome dont work correctly, when I have installed gdm.
> When I open gnome/gdm so "gnomewindows" dont move
> at all with the mouse and the upper in the windows is light.
> But if I start enlightenment in gnome so windows work right.
> Why the langueselect dont work in the gnome?
> I cannot select the finnish language.

You'd have to ask the package maintainers.  On this list we only deal
with the installation system.

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