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Re: Two new goals?

Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> Two new goals?
> - Make Debian installable to blind people (on systems where serial console
>   support is available)

When designing a new character mode GUI, there are some simple things
you can do to make it at least usable to a blind user with a screen
reader like always keeping the cursor on the line of the screen they 
should read. I've had some feedback fron blind uders about various GUI's
I've written and it's not too hard to meet those needs.

I also really like the fact that with debconf we can make available a
frontend that doesn't use any facy gui stuff, but just plain text on the
screen (like debconf's text frontend). Although I'm not an expect of
UI's for the blind, this seems to me to be the best solution, it's
easily read with a screen reader.

> - Document all installer variables so you can even install the first 
>   system without user interaction

Ok, we'll definitely have to do that.

see shy jo

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