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Re: debinst: target media preperation

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> I think it is an important question, if the partitionating should be done
> by the installer or by an external program by the installer.
> Calling (s|f)?fdisk or whatever has the advantage of
> well-tested-and-proofen code and user-interface. I think it should at
> least be callable to do so. 

I agree. Especially since I don't think debconf is really up to the job
of a full-fledged disk partitioner UI.

> On the other hand, if some module of the installer does the work, the
> user could make it choices for partinating within the the same ui and
> it could also be included in an installation-database on some server.

One way to go about this is cfdisk could be run, then a program could
look to see what partitions had been set up, and record that
information. If a later, automated install were done, it would use
command-line disk partitioning tools (sfdisk?) to replicate the
partition setup.

see shy jo

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