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Re: Poweredge 2400 Raid-5 booting debian

Ok here is my current status on booting debian on a poweredge 2400 with 
the perc raid 5 controller.
Thinks are starting to work now.
I succesfully made a swap partition and created the other partitions.
My 2400 came with 4*18Gb HD resulting in two containers one of 4Gb and 
the other about 48Gb.

I made a boot partition of 20Mb, a swap partition of 256Mb, a root 
partition of 1Gb and for var and tmp 3Gb. Container two is completely for 
the homes directory.

This is how I did it:
For the rescue disk:
downloaded a 2.2.14-686 smp kernel from dell.
Copy this kernel and system map to rescue disk.

For root disk.
Downloaded boot-floppies package
Downloaded /archive directorys
I modified the modutils package. This is because I did see that the RH 
installation made some aliases like this: alias scsi_controler percraid
Anyway I modified the backage and rebuild it.
Created the new bootfloppies.
Made a new root floppy from the bootfloppies created file.
I think, but I'm not sure that the aliases did the trick. There was an 
issue the the percraid controller MUST be detected first.

Last think
I copyed the percraid.o and aic7xxx.o modules to a single floppy also 
from the RH source dowloaded all from dell (somewhere on 

On, now boot as usual using the rescue disk.
After that use the root disk until dbootstrap runs.
Active terminal two and mount the floppy disk where you put the percraid 
modules on (like /mount/dev/fd0 /mnt)

Now 'insmod percraid.o' and 'insmod aic7xxx.o'.
Now HD's and CDROM is working ok.

Pfff this took mee some time to figure out. Also thanks to Goswin for his 

At first I tought the megaraid driver worked for me but it didn't, you 
really have to download dell's kernel and percraid driver. It's posible 
to download there kernel source, but NOT the source of the percraid 
I don't know if the have a special kind of kernel, I have to ask them. 
I'll try to contact dell and see if the are willing to send out the 
source to the kernel tree.

Ok so far so good,
I'm going to bed now.
If you have any questions just send a e-mail.
Also I'll try to make bootfloppys and a little doc from what I have done 
so far and publish them on the net. At least until the poweredge is 
booting and installing out of the box. I didn't find any clue on this 

Ries van Twisk

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