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Poweredge 2400 Raid-5 booting debian

Dear debian booters

To be short,
I want to boot a Dell poweredge 2400 (Raid 5, 4*18Gb) with Debian potato.
I know it's posible but I could find anyone wo can actually tell me how 
to create the boor floppy's.
I do know that it is the megaraid driver but until now I'm not succesfull 
with it. I downloaded RH 6.2 which boots fine and installs correctly 
using expert mode.

I have a laptop with potato installed, I do have the boot floppys 
package. I can build boot floppys which are working but I just cannot 
make the percdriver from dell wotk with my kernels. I also downloaded the 
2.2.16 kernel from Dell. Compiles fine but...... well I miss something I 

I need the system up and running by next wednesday and I'm already buzy 
with it for 5 day's... :-(

Anyone give my a clue? Or can help me off list?

As soon as I know how to do it I will create a poweredge howto because I 
just cannot find anything on the net and hopefully can help someone with 
And I don't want to install RH onto it.
Also I did read somewhere that you guys where buzy make a poweredge boot 
from CD Rom right? Maby I can test thinks out :-))

Well, hopefully you can help me out.

Ries van twisk

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