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Re: Poweredge 2400 Raid-5 booting debian

Ries van Twisk <rvt@dds.nl> writes:

> Dear debian booters
> To be short,
> I want to boot a Dell poweredge 2400 (Raid 5, 4*18Gb) with Debian potato.
> I know it's posible but I could find anyone wo can actually tell me how 
> to create the boor floppy's.
> I do know that it is the megaraid driver but until now I'm not succesfull 
> with it. I downloaded RH 6.2 which boots fine and installs correctly 
> using expert mode.

If Debian does not work out of the box do the folowing:

Make a rescue disk and copy the kernel from RH onto it.
Copy the modules from RH onto another disk.
Install and copy the modules from the extra disk as needed.

Alternative compile your own kernel and modules and use those.

> I have a laptop with potato installed, I do have the boot floppys 
> package. I can build boot floppys which are working but I just cannot 
> make the percdriver from dell wotk with my kernels. I also downloaded the 
> 2.2.16 kernel from Dell. Compiles fine but...... well I miss something I 
> think.
> I need the system up and running by next wednesday and I'm already buzy 
> with it for 5 day's... :-(
> Anyone give my a clue? Or can help me off list?
> As soon as I know how to do it I will create a poweredge howto because I 
> just cannot find anything on the net and hopefully can help someone with 
> it.
> And I don't want to install RH onto it.
> Also I did read somewhere that you guys where buzy make a poweredge boot 
> from CD Rom right? Maby I can test thinks out :-))

Does the controler need some special kernel patch or is it included
only in the experimental kernels?

As soon as the driver is in the default kernel Debian will support
that just like the 3ware, gdt or mylex controlers (or any I left out).

May the Source be with you.

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