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Re: Floppy boot to Harddisk Boot

"TODD WITTER" <witter@wpr.org> writes:

> Hey list!
> I have a question about booting into debian.  During installation I 
> did not want to have lilo installed on the mbr.  I chose to boot from 
> a floppy.  I also run rh6.2 and win9x on this little machine.  I boot 
> into redhat with a floppy and it goes lickity split!  ("/" is mounted on 
> hda5).  Right now "/" in debian is mounted on hda9.  I used to have 
> stormix there but I overwrote it with debian potato.  STormix, too, 
> booted up lickity split when I booted from a floppy.  I can assume 
> that's because the kernel is already on the hard drive.  Can I do the 
> same with debian?  When I boot from a floppy it takes forever!  I 

syslinux has a slow/safe and a fast mode. The installer uses the
slow/save mode. Just run syslinux once more on the floppy, then it
should be way faster.

Another option would be:

dd if=kernel-image of=/dev/fd0

> know it's actually got the kernel (of sorts) on the floppy.  What can 
> I do to change this?  Can I have it on hda9?  So, if I use the rescue 
> disk or whatever, I can simply do something like "kernel 
> root=/dev/ha9" at the "boot:" prompt? Or am I kind of stuck with the 
> slow/unreliable boot from a floppy?
> Thanks in advance, gang!

You might want to use lilo on the floppy instead of syslinux, since
lilo can boot the kernel from the harddrive. Should be the fastest way.
As to how, rtfm. :)

May the Source be with you.

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