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Re: Floppy boot to Harddisk Boot

"TODD WITTER" <witter@wpr.org> writes:

> I have a question about booting into debian.  During installation I 
> did not want to have lilo installed on the mbr.  I chose to boot from 
> a floppy.  I also run rh6.2 and win9x on this little machine.  I boot 
> into redhat with a floppy and it goes lickity split!  ("/" is mounted on 
> hda5).  Right now "/" in debian is mounted on hda9.  I used to have 
> stormix there but I overwrote it with debian potato.  STormix, too, 
> booted up lickity split when I booted from a floppy.  I can assume 
> that's because the kernel is already on the hard drive.  Can I do the 
> same with debian?  When I boot from a floppy it takes forever!

No clue why.  It's pretty decent speed for me -- comparable to Tom's
boot disk.  I assume you're booting with the rescue disk -- -did you
try making a custom boot disk?

>  I 
> know it's actually got the kernel (of sorts) on the floppy.  What can 
> I do to change this?  Can I have it on hda9?  So, if I use the rescue 
> disk or whatever, I can simply do something like "kernel 
> root=/dev/ha9" at the "boot:" prompt? Or am I kind of stuck with the 
> slow/unreliable boot from a floppy?

Well, if you dont' wanna use lilo on the mbr, you could just have a
lilo mbr on the floppy itself. Taht would load the kernel from the
hard drive -- see lilo documentation.

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