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Re: Initial install using apt

Chris AtLee <catlee@canada.com> writes:

> Hey there,
> Is there a boot disk out there that doesn't need any of the base packages, but instead has all the necessary software to get a network connection and apt up and running so that you can install everything off the internet?
> It would be great to be able to carry around a bootable mini-CD (one of those business card shaped ones) with all the software on it to install a brand new debian system.

Its enough to have rescue, root and drivers on the cd and install
everything else via net. But since theres more space on the CD (even
business card shaped once), add base and stuff needed for isdn to it
and you have the perfect install CD.

Alternatively wait for my Debian Demo FS, which will boot up X and
lets you configure your network, irc, browse the net, play moonbuggy
or install Debian in an xterm. I'm just waiting for 2.4.0 to make an
initial release.

May the Source be with you.

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