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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Ben Collins wrote:
> Still, though. After the main install is done, and the reboot complete,
> setting up the rest of the autodetection should be done in base-config,
> even if it simply calls dpkg-reconfigure or something. Let's plan for this
> from the installer, even if it isn't done till after install. Detecting
> hardware (all kinds, if possible) is part of the install process after
> all.

I have no problem with this. If you want to do it, all that is needed is
a regular debian package that uses debconf and does whatever hardware
detection is appropriate. Then we just arrange for it to be
dpkg-reconfigure'd on initial boot.

(I hope to split base-config up and more or less do away with it, so pam
is responsible for setting up shadow and md5, pam or base-password or
something is responsible for making sure root has a password, etc.)

see shy jo

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