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Re: redesigning the debian installer

On Sep 12, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Amigas (PowerPC or m68k) could do some autodetection for AutoConfig
> > devices; the question is, does anyone want to code it?  I don't know
> > if we even build any hardware modules in the m68k kernels...  (If
> > AutoConfig detection were coded, it could easily fit in libdetect.)
> What are autoconfig devices?

Plug-and-play expansion cards that are automagically recognized by the
Amiga hardware; basically, a lot like PCI but without all the
backwards-compatibility hacks and several years earlier ;-) Most
people call them Zorro cards, but even machines without Zorro busses
supported AutoConfig devices on other connectors like the CPU
expansion slot.

Anyway, we're talking mainly about configuring ~10 possible video
cards and ~5 NICs; easily accomplished with a lookup table and the
zorroutils package.  (Plenty of other hardware, but much of it isn't
supported or will be built into the kernel, like SCSI controllers.)

Chris Lawrence

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