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Re: redesigning the debian installer

> > Which UI: Text, fb, X11 or all selectable ?
> Whatever UI is being used. (Not sure I understand the question.)

It should be only a remark ... my intention was to think about the pain
for different setups. The current layout is 'text' based (select mono/color,
keyboard, ...). But for X11 ??? It is more like the corel-installer. 

> was not properly set up, and it won't boot. And then try to remember
> where that rescue floppy/install media were filed a month ago..

Is was, it is and it will be always a size-boot-floppies problem :( 

> This design is geared from the beginning to support mass installs.
> That's a big part of the reason it uses a debconf clone, so you can
> install once and get an install script for future installs.

Great. Have you or s/o the time to generate an layout-pic (xfig ?)?
It is easier to see the modules, talk about it and it is useful for the



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