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Re: Translation of installation guide ... into Korean

"Yooseong Yang" <yooseong@kldp.org> writes:

> I am Yooseong Yang. I participate in Korean Linux Documentation Project.
> After Debian 2.2 was released, installation manual was not translated into
> Korean. I am not happy with it. My project team (Korean Debian Documention
> Project Team) converts stuffs which include administrivia.sgml, dbootstrap.sgml
> , hardware.sgml, inst-methods.sgml, install.sgml,  partitioning.sgml,
> post-install.sgml, preparing.sgml, rescue-boot.sgml, tech-info.sgml
> and welcome.sgml to Korean. I hope this job will be good for Debian
> Project.

I would be extremely pleased to include this in Debian.  Even though
Potato is released, there are still extensive  documentation updates
underway, including correcting the English documentation and
translation efforts.

There will be a 2.2r1 and r2 and r3 releases, and furthermore, I
update the web pages out of CVS about bi-weekly.

Anyhow, I suggest that one or more members of your translation effort
request CVS access from me, which I can grant them, and that you work
directly out of CVS.

Please email me directly if you are interested in this.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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