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Re: DPT SmartRaid VI PM2865U3

Jason Mesker <jasonm@tool.net> writes:

> They are working on the driver which at this point must be patched. 
> They plan to implement it into the kernel within by 2.4 I believe.  I
> have been testing and testing ( I updated my bug this morning also which
> lets me believe this is not a debian related problem.  I am about to go
> download another dist of linux and try to install it under that on this
> machine and see where I end up.  I am going to add to the but another
> thing I just noticed which was I got tons of SCSI write errors which I
> have never gotten those before.  I will update the bug instead of
> telling about it here.

Rather than going to another distro, why not just slap in an IDE drive
temporarily, get your base system installed, replace the kernel (at
that point, using 2.4 should pretty much work fine) with one
supporting your driver.  Then just copy over the root partition from
your IDE drive to your SCSI controller, and you can remove the

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