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Re: modprobe trying to load `nls_?' module while trying to mount Debian CDs

Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

> As the subject says. This happened to me while upgrading slink->potato, on a
> machine with slink (hmm, perhaps it's potato, this happened even after the
> upgrade) versions of mount and modutils, and kernel 2.2.16. This is the
> fstab entry for the CD:
> /dev/hdd        /cdrom          iso9660 noauto,ro,noexec           0       0
> The CDs are a Debian 2.2 official 3-CD-set, burned a week ago. The CD-ROM
> drive is an an old Mitsumi 4x speed.
> Could it be that our CDs have some problem with NLS, that mount can't
> recognize their charset or something like that? Or is this a local problem?
> (in which case I'd appreciate suggestions on how to fix it :)

Do you have the nls_? module in question it is trying to load?  Have
you tried modprobing it?

Since this is an upgrade, it seems unlikely to be a boot-floppies
problem.  But there are bugs in 2.2.16 where /lib/modules points to
/target/lib/modules and the latter points to itself, hence, no modules
found.  If you experience this, just rm the bad symlink and move
/target/lib/modules.old to /target/lib/modules .

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