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Some experiences with 2.2.10/alpha


i installed an alpha pc164sx today (not that exciting
hardware...) and some notes i took while installing debian ...
i havn't followed the list that closely, so maybe there are some
th ings mentioned that already were said ...

*	If I insert the wrong disk, say empty disk instead of rescue
	disk, then it takes quite long till this is detected and a
	proper error message is printed onto the screen

*	while trying getting the base.tgz file I tried the
	network/http method which is a nice thing but it fails for
	me: when i supply a hostname i get the errormessage:
	    nf_http_fetchfile :: www.debian.org:80 couldn't be resolved,
		Host name lookup failure (errno=2)
	but actually, if i supply the ip address it works perfectly
	find AND i  can resolv the address if i ping www.debian.org
	on the shell on f2, so i don't where the bug is but it's not
	an error my the computer i am setting up, ping can resolv the
	hostname (or i oversse here something)

*	While downlaoding the base.tgz file (the 21 megs one) from a
	computer in the lan the download rate is ugly, it just
	calculates every time and one just sees how the numbers
	cahnge, nothing more or less static like apt or so. i.e. you
	can't follow at what rate it is currently d/l.

*	Aesthetic improvement: i pick a country from which iwant to pick a
	mirror. ok, i go to austria and get 3 mirrors, but they are
	more or less not in order. so, wouldn't it be good to present
	them in an alphabetical order? (i know, whishlist, therefore
	the aestethic at the beginning)

*	if i enter wrong data while configuring the network, i.e.
	supplying the wrong netmask, and i then try to get the base
	files i wait quite a loooong time till i get an error
	message. so, ifconfig is called with wrong params, i.e. wrong
	bcast address in this case which i can also see on the log
	terminal, and the method for getting the base files tries and
	tries to get the files but failes du to a config error and
	after a timeout replies me with a senseless errormessage.
	so wouldn't it be better if error messages are intercepted
	while configuring the hardware that there the install routine
	tells me that i did something wrong and i have to redo it?

*	btw. what has happend to the overview of options i configured
	for networking? i missed this because it had helped me
	debugging why i couldn't d/l the base files due to a wrong
	bcast address.

maybe debian-boot is not appropriate for this but some notes for
the writes of the nearly perfect introductions to isntalling
alpha. my suggestions come from a newbie's point of view,
experienced people wouldn't bother this.
what i missed in the install docs for installing debian on an
alpha is the description of BSD disklabels. what is it for,
what's the theory and such things that one can imagine what
he/she has to configure. i couldn't have partitioned the harddisk
without knowing bsd disklabels from *BSD ... also a little
example would be nice in the docs how this should look like at
the end.
furthermore i am/was quite confused about the aboot stuff what
the story behind this was. should i leave some megs for it or
not? should they be within an partiton or should the first
partition start right after the non-partitioned space for aboot
... some one else answered me the question but well i couln't
have figured this out on my own.
and there is also a bug in the pdf versions of th einstall guide.
in point 5.2 is a listing of the   various subarchs and the i
mages which should be in there, so, alpha has many subarchs and
the list is pretty long but the long list doesn't get break up at
the end of the text, i.e. is just one long line.
another thing which puzzled me was that under the subarch dir
resc14440.bin etc. should be (if i read the docs) but actually,
the most i can find is just milo.bin, so what's the magic behind

hmm, that's all for now ...

so long

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