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Re: Documentation and bug done... (Was: Re: Bug#56821: POSSIBLE GRAVE SECURITY HOLD])

Hi :)

In <[🔎] 87iu06hihw.fsf_-_@bittersweet.intra>,
 at Date: 02 Feb 2000 23:07:07 -0800,
   karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:

>  You're right, Taketoshi.  The documentation needs to be updated also.

Thank you for your approving. Then let's do the work.

>  I already sent a `done' message to BTS for this bug...  Hope that was
>  Ok with everyone else.  I just thought It was done, without the
>  documentation even crossing my mind.

I think that the modification provided by you and others can close
that bug (it is just my thought), but the documentation update
is required to let users know about our system more.

>  I will have a look at the docs now...  Let's see what I can come up
>  with, since I did the message after installing mbr, and went and sent
>  the done mail to BiTSy already.

sure. sorry to be late to come up with the topic.

>  Should I just `cvs commit' what I write and let you look that way, or
>  generate a patch and email it to the list for discussion and
>  editting?  I expect it will be afternoon Feb 3, PST, USA before I'm
>  ready with it, unless someone beats me to it.

You can do either way you like. Maybe just doing commit is prefered
because it is why we use CVS. We can make modifications and revert
out code at the anytime.

I will look your change later, and think if I can add something.

# We have to do the translation after the modification of English one.
# So it is better to update the original English documentation.

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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