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HD space for install

On 3 Feb 2000, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> # btw, I failed to install potato into some 40+ MB partition with
> # 10 floppies. loaded and stored base2_2.tgz has the size about 14MB,
> # and extracted base system has the size about 35MB, so maybe 50MB or
> # more is required to install potato base system with the floppies.
> # dbootstrap can extract kernels and modules safely from the floppies
> # on my spare 486SX/25 notebook. but modconf would not run (this may be
> # the known problem).

A compact install (2.2.5) took up 50596k over here
(includes fs overhead for an ~500M partition, no sparse-superblocks)...
+ size of base2_2.tgz + size difference between compact and regular
drivers [+ swap space].

It will probably take 65-70M + swap space to do a floppy install.

Getting a handle on the VM requirements will be more interesting.
With slink I did lots of "cat /proc/meminfo"'s over many installs,
until I was confident the margin of error was insignificant (<5%). 
IIRC, the peak was when the drivers were being extracted.

- Bruce

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