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Documentation and bug done... (Was: Re: Bug#56821: POSSIBLE GRAVE SECURITY HOLD])

 You're right, Taketoshi.  The documentation needs to be updated also.

 I already sent a `done' message to BTS for this bug...  Hope that was
 Ok with everyone else.  I just thought It was done, without the
 documentation even crossing my mind.

 I will have a look at the docs now...  Let's see what I can come up
 with, since I did the message after installing mbr, and went and sent
 the done mail to BiTSy already.

 Should I just `cvs commit' what I write and let you look that way, or
 generate a patch and email it to the list for discussion and
 editting?  I expect it will be afternoon Feb 3, PST, USA before I'm
 ready with it, unless someone beats me to it.


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