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Re: potato install hiccups

"Carpenter, Dean" <Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com> writes:

> Very cool that it now can use dhcp/pump.  Good move.  The trouble is when
> the system reboots, pump hasn't been fully configured - the
> /etc/default/pump file - and networking isn't configured at all.

The pump issues are a known bug I think.

>  I had to manually configure /etc/init.d/network, before I figured
> out the /etc/default/pump file.

That was unnecessary.  We are using /etc/network/interfaces;
/etc/init.d/networking invokes 'ifup -a' which understands that file.
So check there instead.

>  Note, I did *not* configure /etc/hosts yet.
> This also causes problems later during dselect install.  exim, mailx,
> logrotate and at all have problems since they can't get the hostname or
> fqdn.  Once I had created the appropriate localhost and hostname info in
> /etc/hosts, those four packages installed clean.

Hmm... I'll check on htis.

> I added "IFACES=eth0" to the /etc/default/pump file, and then that worked
> fine.  We still didn't have a new hosts file, so that part is still kaput.
> If dhcp/pump doesn't get a hostname or domainname, there needs to be a query
> dialog asking for those.

Ugh ugh ugh.

> We have a pretty complete mirror here, minus sources and non-i386 archs.
> When setting up the source for apt, it insists on finding the source
> hierarchy, an since it's not there, it just loops around asking the config
> questions repeatedly.

Ok, I'll file a bug for you .  In the future, you should file a bug
against base-config.

> The default message level for debconf is medium.  Somehow that made it take
> the default answer for console-data, which was to use the azerty keyboard,
> rather than the more common? qwerty.  That was fun.

I believe that console-data is screwed.  Please check that a bug is
already filed for this?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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