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Re: Kernel on rescue disk, what must be compiled in?

Tapio Lehtonen <tale@iki.fi> writes:

> What must be compiled in to the kernel that replaces the linux in rescue disk? The Installation manual in chapter Technical Information on the boot Floppies says 
> 	o Initial RAM disk
> 	o FAT, minix and EXT2 filesystems
> 	o ELF executables
> but on the rescue disk the scripts/rescue/messages/C/readme.txt file says 
>     Configure the kernel with the following facilities linked in: initrd,
> 	ramdisk, loop, msdos, fat, elf, ext2fs, procfs.
> Which is correct? 

I don't know -- maybe other know, maybe you just need to try it to
confirm or not...

> I noticed that minix was removed from the readme.txt
> file, so I assume that at least is not needed anymore since it was on
> purpose removed from the text?

Yes, I believe so... Tapio, are you working on the potato documentation?

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