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potato install hiccups

I just installed a potato system on an HP LPr using the current disk set,
and have a couple of observations ...
Very cool that it now can use dhcp/pump.  Good move.  The trouble is when
the system reboots, pump hasn't been fully configured - the
/etc/default/pump file - and networking isn't configured at all.  I had to
manually configure /etc/init.d/network, before I figured out the
/etc/default/pump file.  Note, I did *not* configure /etc/hosts yet.
This also causes problems later during dselect install.  exim, mailx,
logrotate and at all have problems since they can't get the hostname or
fqdn.  Once I had created the appropriate localhost and hostname info in
/etc/hosts, those four packages installed clean.
I added "IFACES=eth0" to the /etc/default/pump file, and then that worked
fine.  We still didn't have a new hosts file, so that part is still kaput.
If dhcp/pump doesn't get a hostname or domainname, there needs to be a query
dialog asking for those.
We have a pretty complete mirror here, minus sources and non-i386 archs.
When setting up the source for apt, it insists on finding the source
hierarchy, an since it's not there, it just loops around asking the config
questions repeatedly.
The default message level for debconf is medium.  Somehow that made it take
the default answer for console-data, which was to use the azerty keyboard,
rather than the more common? qwerty.  That was fun.

Dean Carpenter  deano@areyes.com                  
94 TT :)              Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com 


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