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Re: Current laptop issues with 2.2.5

On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 04:55:29PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Lilo does not install successfully; it put itself on /dev/hda5 (the
> > ext2 partition) but not on /dev/hda and thus did not boot.  This left
> > an old lilo install on hda which obviously failed to find its loader,
> > and bombed badly.
> Sorry I don't seem to be too coherent today, but....
> The way dbootstrap handles this is that it writes lilo to your boot
> partition (/dev/hda3 or what not). It then lets you install a mbr. With this
> setup, you will by default boot into /dev/hda1 (which might hang, if you
> don't have anything installed bootable on /dev/hda1) but if you hold down a
> key during the boot process, you should get the mbr prompt (123F: or
> similar) from which you can boot /dev/hda3 (through lilo).
> this can obviously be confusing for users, and dbootstrap needs to give
> more information about this process. on the "plus" side, lilo won't force you
> to boot into linux. (hm...)

Last time I ended up trying to do something with mbr I couldn't even
get it to respond to keypresses; out of curiousity, what does it buy us
over just using lilo?  I could swear that's what I used to do.

There should at least be a visible comment about that somewhere,
espcially if the defaults are not to boot into linux - in fact, for me
the default was not bootable at all.


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