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Re: Current laptop issues with 2.2.5

> Lilo does not install successfully; it put itself on /dev/hda5 (the
> ext2 partition) but not on /dev/hda and thus did not boot.  This left
> an old lilo install on hda which obviously failed to find its loader,
> and bombed badly.

Sorry I don't seem to be too coherent today, but....

The way dbootstrap handles this is that it writes lilo to your boot
partition (/dev/hda3 or what not). It then lets you install a mbr. With this
setup, you will by default boot into /dev/hda1 (which might hang, if you
don't have anything installed bootable on /dev/hda1) but if you hold down a
key during the boot process, you should get the mbr prompt (123F: or
similar) from which you can boot /dev/hda3 (through lilo).

this can obviously be confusing for users, and dbootstrap needs to give
more information about this process. on the "plus" side, lilo won't force you
to boot into linux. (hm...)

There is a separate bug (#53113) reported by rcw that is similar, but the
fix is different -- mbr should never go on anything other then the first
boot device.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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