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Re: bf-2.2.5 comments on installation

I reinstalled again today using the 2.2.5 boot-floppies and they worked much better.  I don't know why I had all the problems before. The problems I did have are listed below.

1.  After the initial installation, the first time it tries to reboot it just hangs at the point saying it is restarting.

2.  Network configuration for pcmcia appears to write to /etc/network/interfaces when it should write to /etc/pcmcia/network.opts.  I believe this is where my eth0 errors were coming from (see previous message error 4.)

3.  There should be a way to abort/cancel if you select to use dhcp for network configuration.

4.  azerty still seems to be the default keymap

5.  It appears that even though I said no to GMT time it was set anyway.  (I may have hit the wrong button I am not sure.)


Chris Cheney

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