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Re: bf-2.2.5 comments on installation

Chris Cheney wrote:

> 1.  There does not seem to be an option for dhcp for pcmcia, is this still
> being developed?  Maybe network config should ask what interface you are
> going to use first, then ask if you want static or dhcp addressing.

It should exactly do this. However, if you only have one network interface
netconfig just uses this one. If the interface starts with eth or pcmcia
it aks if you want to use DHCP otherwise it justs starts the old manual

> 4.  After restarting the first time I see lots of compliants about eth0.
>      eth0: unknown interface: No such device

I'm not sure if the PCMCIA network settings are properly written to the
newly installed system as PCMCIA uses a different file
(/etc/pcmcia/network.opts) than the "normal" interfaces. I'll try to fix
the PCMCIA network configuration in the next days.

Stefan Gybas

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