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Re: [install report] 2.2.4-2000-01-03 (en) (A ToDo list)

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

    Joey> Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
    >> One thing I noticed is that when syslinux is up, and the help
    >> screens are displayed, my gkrellm CPU meter sits at 100%, but
    >> after the Linux kernel boots in the virtual machine, the CPU
    >> meter goes way down to a respectable level.  Q: Could
    >> `syslinux' be made to HLT the CPU when it's idle, like Linux
    >> does?  How hard would it be to do that, for someone who
    >> understands it, I wonder?

    Joey> That sounds pretty pointless. It's not as if syslinux runs
    Joey> for a long time or as if people generally have anything else
    Joey> running at the same time.

    Joey> It's probably in a tight loop polling for keypresses or
    Joey> something.

 Hmmm.  It's obvious to me now that in order to keep the program small
 and simple, it cannnot implement the interrupt driven keyboard IO
 that would be required to make it possible to HLT when idle.

    >> is that it says the copyrights for software can be found in
    >> /usr/doc, but it should say they are in /usr/share/doc.

    Joey> /usr/doc is the canoical location for potato.

 I know that now.  I was away for several months and missed the
 discussions about that.  I will search the list archives for it if I
 find time for that.

    >> I had trouble, also with `debconf', knowing whether the active
    >> button is the blue one or the red one.  Other than that the
    >> cursor sits by the active one, there isn't much indication...
    >> (nitpick?)

    Joey> I've filed a bug on whiptail for this long since. (With a
    Joey> fix -- just use any given color for the selected button, but
    Joey> make the unselected button the same color as the window
    Joey> background.)

 That's what I was thinking when I was using it.  Only color the
 active button, or use grey for the background of the inactive one?
 Hmmm.  I guess only color the active one is better, in case someone
 is color-blind.  It does leave the terminal cursor next to the active
 button too, so maybe this isn't really all that big a deal.  What do
 others think?

    >> `netfetch' is pretty useless for installing the OS and modules,
    >> since, even though it will allow you to configure the network,
    >> (say something useful here) there is not a driver for the
    >> network card installed, as far as I can tell.

    Joey> There can be, if the compact kernel is used and you happen
    Joey> to have one of the few cards it supports.

 Right, or a non-x86 where the network card is very standard.

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