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Re: [install report] 2.2.4-2000-01-03 (en) (A ToDo list)

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  One thing I noticed is that when syslinux is up, and the help screens
>  are displayed, my gkrellm CPU meter sits at 100%, but after the Linux
>  kernel boots in the virtual machine, the CPU meter goes way down to a
>  respectable level.  Q: Could `syslinux' be made to HLT the CPU when
>  it's idle, like Linux does?  How hard would it be to do that, for
>  someone who understands it, I wonder?

That sounds pretty pointless. It's not as if syslinux runs for a long time
or as if people generally have anything else running at the same time. 

It's probably in a tight loop polling for keypresses or something.

>  is that it says the copyrights for software can be found in /usr/doc,
>  but it should say they are in /usr/share/doc.

/usr/doc is the canoical location for potato.

>  I had trouble, also with `debconf', knowing whether the active button
>  is the blue one or the red one.  Other than that the cursor sits by
>  the active one, there isn't much indication...  (nitpick?)

I've filed a bug on whiptail for this long since. (With a fix -- just use
any given color for the selected button, but make the unselected button the
same color as the window background.)

>  `netfetch' is pretty useless for installing the OS and modules,
>  since, even though it will allow you to configure the network, (say
>  something useful here) there is not a driver for the network card
>  installed, as far as I can tell.

There can be, if the compact kernel is used and you happen to have one of
the few cards it supports.

see shy jo

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