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Re: 2.2.5 -- never mind the cost, lets get it out

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> It looks like dhcp has squeaked in, but i have no idea if it is truly
> functioning or not...

It works on the boot floppies, but not yet on the newly installed system.
I have filed a RC bug against netbase (#56020) to make it work for
non-PCMCIA interfaces. If you manually make to change to "PUMP=y" in
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts ot should also work for PCMCIA.

netconfig has just one major problem left: When there are no network
interfeace (e.g. beacuse the appropiate module ist not loaded) the network
configuration (even for loopback) is not written to /target. I will fix this

Stefan Gybas

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