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2.2.5 -- never mind the cost, lets get it out

Guys, sorry I've been rather sick these last few days. I'll be away in
Chicago this week, which means really fast network connectivity but
unfortunately less access to my main box where I read my mail list
(and this list).

I'll try to be on IRC #debian-boot quite a bit, although quite busy
from 8am to 6pm or later with paying work.

It's my intention to release 2.2.5 (pcmcia or no) no later than
Tuesday late night.  Thus -- 

  - please, no new features

  - consider it "2.2.5 hard freeze" starting now

  - remember, 2.2.5 is not a release candidate, just trying to be more
    or less feature complete.  So long as it's better than 2.2.4
    that's fine.

It looks like dhcp has squeaked in, but i have no idea if it is truly
functioning or not...

Speaking of feature complete, it seems there is one major feature
areas that are not yet complete: i18n.  I hope we can get this in for
2.2.6 and put our focus on bug fixing, convenience fixes, and

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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