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Re: potato Release Notes updated

On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 01:25:06AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> A big fat warning for perl users to make sure, if they have perl-5.004
> and perl-5.005 installed, and perl modules that require 5.005, that
> /usr/bin/perl is actually perl 5.005.  Debian perl stuff seems to
> allow otherwise (via alternatives) which is unfortunate.

ACK. So, the release notes should basically say "don't have /usr/bin/perl
point to perl-5.004 if you use any modules from lib*-perl packages"...

> There should be a way to look at all the 'obsolete' pkgs and offer to
> remove them.  Without this step, upgrading is naturally incomplete.
> Sometimes pkg disappear from Debian but nothing *conflicts* with them,
> so people end up with cruft from prior distros installed.

Hm. Dselect displays "obsolete/local" packages sometimes, I guess that
should be worth mentioning as an easy way to locate cruft...

> Obviously, there are more X servers available now, which I think means
> that some poeple who were running unoptimized X servers before can run
> more optimized ones now.

ACK. I know of some SiS cards that don't run well with older XFree86s,
if you or anyone else has specific a suggestion, please tell me.

> I don't know if xviddetect is helpful here -- sometimes, perhaps.

What's that, a package? I'll try to install it before I write about it.

> Aside from the other things mentioned, probably the task-*
> metapackages might be mentioned.  People can use tasksel even after an
> upgrade to browse standard tasks and use that to check out what new
> stuff is available they might be interested in.


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