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Re: DHCP (was Re: Static network configuration)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> I don't believe anyone is.  Could you do this?

I'm alread working on this - expect a working version for the root disk on

However, there are some problems: pump (or any other BOOTP/DHCP client) is
not in base so when I put an entry to /etc/network/interfaces for DHCP
configuration the newly installed system will not work.

netbase uses dhcp-client if there is a DHCP interface in /etc/network/
interfaces - but dhcp-client requires a kernel compiled with CONFIG_PACKET
and CONFIG_FILTER (CONFIG_PACKET is avalable as af_packet.o module,
CONFIG_FILTER is not!) so netbase should change the inet.defn file to use
pump for DHCP and BOOTP.

The next problem is now that pump creates an init script in /etc/rcS.d/
which manually starts pump for all interfaces defined in /etc/default/pump
(and it asks for these interfaces in the postinst).

So for a working DHCP system, we need to somehow integrate pump into

Stefan Gybas

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