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2.2.14 boot floppies for testing

There is still no sign of 2.2.14 kernel debs yet, even though we are now
officially frozen. What are our plans? Are we going to stick with 2.2.13 or
are we going to go with a newer kernel?

I have uploaded some unofficial 2.2.14 kernel debs to
http://samosa.debian.org/~tausq/. I'd be interested to know if they actually

In http://gandalf.tausq.org/debian-boot/test/ there are i386 boot floppy
images that have the latest and greating things in it... among the list:

fixed perl-base
latest debconf-tiny, debconf, base-config and tasksel

in particular, there are two flavors of 2.2.14; there is a "small" version
in i386/disks-1.44/ that uses a i386 'kernel flavor'. Unfortunately, I don't
have a setup here at the moment to test it. if someone can test it, I'd very
much appreciate it. The small version should support most *everything* (and
maybe more) that the original one does.

I've made changes to the makefile to build these alt kernel boot floppies.
The only thing keeping me from committing them is that there are no 2.2.14
(official) kernel images yet. Let me know what you guys think.

I will be out of town for a bit. Will be in touch again early next week.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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