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Re: 2.2.14 boot floppies for testing

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> In http://gandalf.tausq.org/debian-boot/test/ there are i386 boot floppy
> images that have the latest and greating things in it... among the list:
> fixed perl-base
> latest debconf-tiny, debconf, base-config and tasksel

Is base-config actually integrated?  Has anyone done the .bash_profile
changes for the root user so that base-config is run rather than all
that crap that's in there now?

> in particular, there are two flavors of 2.2.14; there is a "small" version
> in i386/disks-1.44/ that uses a i386 'kernel flavor'. Unfortunately, I don't
> have a setup here at the moment to test it. if someone can test it, I'd very
> much appreciate it. The small version should support most *everything* (and
> maybe more) that the original one does.

I'll resend your message to debian-testing ...

> I've made changes to the makefile to build these alt kernel boot floppies.
> The only thing keeping me from committing them is that there are no 2.2.14
> (official) kernel images yet. Let me know what you guys think.

I think you should go ahead and commit them...

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