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Bug#55078: Adaptec AHA-2940

Package: boot-floppies
Version: ftp: //ftp.de.debian.org/pub/debian/dists/slink/main/disks-i386/2.1.12-1999-12-09/
Architecture: i386
memory: 32Mb
scsi: Adaptec AHA-2940/AHA-2940W

During boot from Rescue-floppy i.e "resc1440.bin" , the following appears when trying
detect the SCSI-host adapter (adaptec AHA-2940)
(scsi0) Downloading sequenser code...419 instructions downloaded
sym53c416.c:  Version 1.0.0
DC390:. 0 adapters found

Also when I´m trying  "aic7xxx=no_probe"  as boot-arguments, the system respond with: Could not find kernal image :  aic7xxx=.no_

Thanks in advance for any and all pointers you can give me.  And BTW, if
I'm asking the wrong list, I apologize in advance.

// glenn.remstedt@teklogix.se

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