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task-python* packages

Thanks to all your suggestions and feedback, the task-python*
metapackages are [finally!] ready, and will be uploaded today by Tony

The impatient can pull them directly from me:

  deb     http://www.someotherplace.org/david_coe/debian/released ./
  deb-src http://www.someotherplace.org/david_coe/debian/released ./

We settled upon the following names:

  Install:            if you want to:
  -------             ---------------
  task-python         write scripts and uncomplicated Python applications

  task-python-web     write CGI scripts and web applications in Python

  task-python-bundle  have the entire upstream (www.python.org) distribution

  task-python-dev     write complex Python applications, have available
                        most of the Debian-packaged Python extensions, 
                        and/or write Python extensions in other 
                        programming languages

Thanks again.

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